Sustenhorn 3503 masl.

Classic High Tour on the Big Neighbor of Titlis

The Sustenhorn, proudly standing at 3503 meters above sea level, is a true gem for high-tour enthusiasts.

It’s a classic high tour that’s also suitable for beginners. On the first day, you’ll learn the essential skills for a high tour in a basic course. And then, early morning on the second day, we’ll head straight for the summit.

So, if you’re up for an adventure and don’t have much experience yet, don’t worry – the Sustenhorn is a fantastic choice for your entry into the world of high tours!

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Private Mountain Guide

Under the professional guidance of a mountain guide, we’ll accompany you to the summit and back!
You choose a date, and we’ll organize the rest!

Offer CHF
Sustenhorn Ascent Private Mountain Guide, 1-2 Persons 1380.-
Each Additional Person (max. 6P) 180.-
Rental Alpine Equipment (Helmet, Climbing Harness, Crampons) 20
Overnight Stay including HP Tierberglihütte, SAC Member approx. 80.-/Person
*Guide Expenses (Hut Accommodation & Travel) approx. 50.- + 70.- Total
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    Meeting point by arrangement.

    Group Spot for Individual Persons

    On selected dates, we offer the tour to the Sustenhorn for individual guests and form a group.
    This makes the tour more affordable, and you’ll meet like-minded people.

    Offer CHF
    Group Spot 450*
    Rental Alpine Equipment (Helmet, Climbing Harness, Crampons) 20
    Overnight Stay including HP Tierberglihütte, SAC Member approx. 70

    *minimum of 3 persons for the tour to be conducted.

    Requirements for Group Spot: You should have already done some high tours. You are athletic and spend a lot of time in the mountains. Ascents of up to 1500 meters are manageable for you. You have some climbing experience and no fear of heights.
    If these points are not met, the guide is authorized to send you back early.

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      Group Tour Dates

      We offer group tours on the following dates:

      Datum Beschreibung
      14.06.2024 Skyrun Gross Spannort
      28.06.2024 - 29.06.2024 Gross Spannort Gipfeltour
      29.06.2024 - 30.06.2024 Gross Spannort Gipfeltour
      02.08.2024 - 03.08.2024 Gross Spannort Gipfeltour
      03.08.2024 - 04.08.2024 Gross Spannort Gipfeltour
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        Rough Schedule:

        Day 1

        • Individual Arrival
        • Meeting with Mountain Guide
        • Briefing over Coffee and Cake
        • Equipment Check
        • Ascent to Tierberglihütte
        • Lunch on Sun Terrace
        • Glacier Training Session

        Day 2

        • Early Start
        • Over Glaciers to Summit
        • Descent to Hut
        • Lunch
        • Descent to Parking Lot
        • Individual Departure

        The impressive high mountain landscape with the glaciated peaks of Susten- and Gwächtenhorn is a real eye-catcher. The S

        ustenhorn itself, at 3502 meters, is the highlight. It attracts many visitors both in summer and winter.

        No wonder the Sustenhorn has been so popular since its first ascent in 1841, when mountaineers set out on foot from Innertkirchen.

        The Normal route to the Sustenhorn is ideal for beginners. The difficulties are moderate, and the path is usually well-marked. The starting point is the Tierberglihütte, which can also be reached via a via ferrata. From there, you have a fantastic view of the Uri and Bernese Alps.

        From the Tierberglihütte of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), we head to the imposing Sustenhorn at 3502 meters above sea level.

        The tour is classified as difficulty level L.

        You’ll need about 3 to 3.5 hours to cover the 730 meters of altitude.

        Plan for the descent approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, with the same 730 meters of altitude.

        Best Time June – October
        Difficulty L
        Altitude Gain from Hut 730 m
        Time 3 h ascent, 1.5 h descent (Plus descent to hut)

        Packing List for Guests

        • Backpack max. 30 L
        • Hardshell Jacket
        • Down or Primaloft Jacket
        • Touring Pants
        • Lightweight Mountain Boots
        • Climbing Harness
        • Climbing Helmet
        • Crampons (fit properly!)
        • Ice Axe
        • Sunglasses
        • Thin Gloves
        • 3x HMS Screwgate Carabiners
        • 1x Sling 120cm
        • Snacks for the Way
        • Half Fare Card
        • Sunscreen
        • Cash
        • Headlamp
        • Trekking Poles (optional)
        • Gaiters (optional)

        Missing equipment can be rented from us.


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