The landmark of Engelberg

The mountain tour to the landmark of Engelberg is a challenging mountain tour during which you have to take your hands for help from time to time. Steep it goes almost 1600 Hm to the summit and just as much down again. Time required for ascent: 4-5 hours, descent 3 hours

Important Information: There are no fixed ropes installed!

Snow pressure and other natural phenomena have caused major damage to safety devices, anchorages and fixed ropes in recent years. Especially last winter, the large masses of snow and some steel ropes and anchors were torn apart.
Broken, torn and inadequately fixed anchors and wire ropes are very dangerous because they offer deceptive safety!
Old, defective anchorages and fixed ropes were removed from Hahnenband to the summit.
For the sake of the environment, material was disposed of in landfills (remains of steel ropes, anchoring materials, plastic bags).
Solid iron rods and intermediate fuses have now been professionally fitted in the necessary places. At these stands it is possible to secure and if necessary to rope down (mountain rope 40 – 50 m).

There are no fixed ropes installed! No via ferrata!

Ropes offer large areas of attack to snow loads and lead to massive winter damage. It is forbidden that ropes from third parties are permanently installed!

The Hahnen mountain tour is only suitable for experienced, sure-footed mountain climbers. Often there is pathless, steep and exposed terrain with and without path tracks. There are no path markings, so very good orientation skills are required. Grips and steps consist of tufts of grass and brittle rock. A miss kick can lead to a fatal fall.
Swiss Alpine Club SAC Hiking Scale – Difficulty T5 – T6:
Sophisticated alpine experience and familiarity with alpine technical aids are required.
The entire area is integrally protected. Federal hunting ban area.

Engelberg, June 2019

Mountain guide association Unterwalden
Titlis Tourismus AG

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Guided Tour

Offer Duration CHF
Hahnen ascent, a maximum of 2 people per guide 1 day 680
Alpinset rental (helmet, climbing harness) 1 day 20

Meeting point is always at 06:00 o’clock at the “end of the world” Rest. Horbis. The tour can only be carried out in dry conditions.


The Hahnen stands mighty in its full size above the monastery village Engelberg. In former times the
Hahnen was called the “Engelberg”. The mountain tour to the “Engelberg” offers heavenly experiences, but the ascent should not be underestimated!

Long mountain tour in ascent and descent. Wegfindung marked with stone men, but difficult to find.
Risk of slipping and falling. For the inexperienced a mountain guide is recommended.

Difficulty: T5 – T6
Duration: 8h
Best time of year: May-October
Altimeter / Distance: 1600 hm / 13km
Deepest / Highest point: 1004 m.a.s.l.
2606 m.a.s.l.
Hazards/Comments: Finding your way is not easy


Watch your step! In the summer of 2019, the fixed ropes in the upper area were dismantled. More info here


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