Climbing Course Multipitch Advanced 2 Days

Climbing Course Multipitch Advanced 2 Days

Fascinating walls and fantastic landscapes make climbing hearts beat faster. It takes a lot to venture on a multi-pitch tour, but at the same time it is something of the most beautiful. In this course we show the most important techniques to climb independently secured multi-pitch tours.

This course is different from the MSL Basic Kurs! It goes deeper into the material and the course is designed for climbers who already have experience on the rock.

The following topics will be covered in the course:
Materials, knots, belaying techniques, belay station construction, rappelling, use of mobile belay devices, climbing techniques in the lead and in the back, route planning and dealing with worst-case scenarios.

Course Objective:

  • You can independently plan and execute a well-secured multi-pitch tour.
  • You recognize the difficulties and key points of a tour and know how to master them.
  • You can start a retreat at any point of the route.

The course is designed to meet Ortovox Safety Academy standards.

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Kletterkurs MSL 2 Tage


TenderDatesTab titleBilderPlaceQuestionsMerkblätter
Angebot CHF/Person
Kletterkurs “Mehrseillängen” 2 Tage 380
+ optional Miete Kletterset (Kletterfinken, Klettergurt, Helm)
exklusiv Übernachtung (selbstständig organisieren) ca 75 pro Nacht
exklusiv Verpflegung und Transport

A minimum of 4 participants is required for the course to take place. In case of bad weather or wet rock, we have to change the course location or choose an alter

This course is designed for climbers who already have climbing experience on the rock and can lead in the hall 5b/c. In addition, a good physical condition is required. Climbs of 1.5h are not uncommon.
–>If you are just starting your career on the rock, this course is suitable for you. Kletterkurs Basic!

Important information:
The course will take place in the Engelberg Valley, if possible. The overnight stay must be organized independently. (Preferably in Engelberg)
We need good weather to hold the course. In case of unclear conditions we will decide 2 days before if the course can take place. (If the course does not take place, we will look for a postponement date).

Day 1
-Meeting: 08:15 Place will be announced.
-Course start, welcome and material check.
-approach climbing spot
-determine the location and discuss course objectives
-Learn about materials / belay techniques / belay station construction / rappelling
-Lunch on the way
-Procedure and climbing technique on MSL tours
-A lot of climbing on the rock
-Systematic tour planning in the restaurant (What do you have to pay attention to? Is 5a always 5a?)
-Conclusion day 1

Day 2
Meeting: 08:15 Location will be announced.
-Ascent Climbing spot
-Input Mobile belayingClimbing on the rock
-Application tour
-Lunch on the way
-Dealing with worst-case scenarios (What to do if…)
-Course end approx. 17.00


Climbing harness
Helmet (climbing or bike helmet)
Climbing fins
3 screw carabiners
120cm tape sling
Prusik sling
ATC, tuber or figure of eight
suitable clothing
trekking or hiking boots
Half fare or GA
Sunglasses & sunscreen
lunch for on the way
2x50m half rope (if available)
12 expresses (if available)
Your belay & rappel equipment (if available)

Missing material can be rented from us.

Der Kurs wird durchgeführt von:

Team Engelberg Mountain Guide
Bergführer UIAGM


The course takes place outside, so we depend on good weather and have to be flexible.
Basically, we conduct the course in the Engelberg Valley. On the Brunni, on the Wissberg and in the Stäfeli we have super equipped course area.

What is the difference to the MSL Basic Course 1 day?
The 2 day course offers you a deeper insight into the art of MSL climbing. Therefore you should already have experience on the rock and feel comfortable in lead climbing up to 5c.

Where do we stay overnight?
That is up to you. Preferably in a hotel/jugi in Engelberg or on a camping site.

When do you decide if the course will take place because of the weather?
We need dry rock for the course to take place. We will contact you 2-3 days before the course to give you an update. If the weather forecast is unstable, we have to decide on short notice.

What happens in case of bad weather? E.g. if it rains all day?
In case of bad weather, the course will either be held at another location in Central Switzerland (Engelbergertal, Sisikon Uri) or we will offer you a rescheduled date from the calendar.

What if I can’t go on any of the proposed rescheduled dates because of bad weather?
If you can’t make it, you will get your money back. For this we need your IBAN number, name of the account and postcode/city. Please inform us by mail.

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Kletterkurs MSL 2 Tage


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