Avalanche Training

Learn to deal with the avalanche danger!

If you are off-piste, you run the risk of avalanches. Whether you want it or not…

In a practice-oriented day course, experienced and local mountain guides teach you how to assess the avalanche danger. Planning, assessment, behaviour in the terrain and mastering the tools (avalanche transceiver, ABS, etc.) are the main topics.

An absolute must for every skier who is off-piste!

The course is held in English and German. All documentation is available in English, French and German.

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Lawinenkurs Basic


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Offer CHF/Person
Avalanche course in Engelberg 190
+ Skiticket (falls nicht vorhanden) 45-68
+ optional rent Safety-Set (LVS, Sonde, Schaufel) 30
+ optional rent Safety-Kit (ABS, LVS, Sonde Schaufel) 55
+ optional rent Freeride Ski 45
For groups we organise an individually
avalanche course on the date of your choice.
ab 690

Training content:

  • Interpretation of the avalanche bulletin
  • Handling the avalanche transceiver (LVS), probe, shovel, ABS
  • Route selection in the terrain
  • Avalanche prevention

Requirements: | Ski technique: From moderate to very good off-piste skier (specify ski level when registering) | Stamina: endurance for long descents.

A minimum of 4 participants is required for the event to take place.


Datum Beschreibung
01.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Basic
07.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Refresh
08.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Basic
14.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Refresh
15.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Basic
21.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Refresh
22.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Basic
26.12.2024 Lawinenkurs Basic
02.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
05.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
11.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Refresh
12.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
19.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
26.01.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
02.02.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
09.02.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
16.02.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
23.02.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
02.03.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
09.03.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
16.03.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
23.03.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic
30.03.2025 Lawinenkurs Basic


Is the course also for English speaking participants?
Yes, most of the time we have English speaking guest. All our guides speak English, German and some Swedish.

Is the course for snowboarders?
Yes, of course we are also happy to welcome snowboarders.

What equipment is required?
You can come with skis and snowboard. We will not do any ascents with climbing skins during the course.
It is an advantage if you come with a freeride ski/snowboard.

Is it possible to rent equipment?
We have modern and well-maintained rental equipment available for our guests. We will be happy to take your reservation and advise you on site.

How can I get there?
The meeting point is in the village of Engelberg at the mountain guide office. This means you can reach us by train in 5 minutes from the station. By car it is best to park in the car park in the village near the monastery. From there we walk together to the mountain.

What do I need to buy a ticket?
As we want to use the day as efficiently as possible, we will take the lifts. This way we see a lot of different terrain.
For this we need a ski ticket. Wait to buy one, because a cheap ski touring ticket might be enough. The mountain guide will inform you in the morning.

Is the course also available in English?
Yes, all our mountain guides speak English. The course documents are also translated into English. Please indicate this when registering.

Lawinenkurs Basic


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The day course is very practice-oriented. This means that prevention is also in the foreground. This means that we are out and about a lot in the terrain to look at many different scenarios. A course in the off-piste area of Engelberg-Titlis-Brunni is therefore an ideal option thanks to the many ski lifts.

Whether you are a snowboarder, freerider or ski tourer, the subject matter is the same and all «species» are welcome. English courses can also be offered on request

08:15 Engelberg Mountain Guide, Dorfstrasse 31, 6390 Engelberg


> Arriving at the mountain guide office

  • Carry out administrative tasks
  • Assessing expectations/experiences
  • Handing out information for the day

– Public transport: The mountain guide office is 5 minutes from the station and is open from 08:00.
– Car: It is best to park at the public village car park near the monastery and walk to the office. (3min)

After the arrival and the administrative tasks we will go together with the free bus to the skiing area. I.e. you can arrive at the office best equipped with skis or snowboard gear.

> Ride the gondola into the area

  • Check conditions
  • Check weather forecast
  • Avalanche info and check
  • Possibly first descent in the terrain

> Theory block in the morning: (90min)

  • General avalanche knowledge
  • Gathering information on snow, avalanche & weather
  •  Evaluation & interpretation of the collected information
  • «Special case Engelberg Titlis
  • Avalanche bulletin useful in freeride terrain?

> On the way in the terrain in the morning/afternoon:

  • Observations and discussions in the terrain
  • Human factor!
  • Comrade rescue avalanche transceiver, probe, shovel
  • Evaluation & discussion

Course finish:
ca. 17 Uhr in Engelberg

Stuff you need

  • Gore-Tex Ski Jacket
  • Ski pants
  • Warm clothing
  • Gloves (2 pairs)
  • Cap or headband
  • Helmet
  • Ski goggles
  • Small backpack (possibly ABS)
  • Avalanche shovel
  • Avalanche probe
  • Freeride skis (possibly with touring bindings)
  • or snowboard
  • Ski boots
  • Ski poles
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun cream
  • possibly camera / GoPro
  • Ski ticket
  • Half-fare card (if available)
  • Money for cable cars, taxi and drinks

Missing material can be rented from us.


An exciting weather and snow situation awaits us for the avalanche course. In preparation, you can study the snow and weather forecast for the area in the 2-3 days before the course.

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Der Kurs wird durchgeführt von:

Team Engelberg Mountain Guide
Bergführer UIAGM